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Introducing the advanced Toppy Aspo Line – innovative reel trucks equipped with cutting-edge features for effortless handling. An expanding mandrel secures the reel firmly at its core, guaranteeing a secure grip during transport.

Reel turner with a mandrel
Roll turning made easy with our Aspo Line
Heavy reels easily turned with Aspo 600

Toppy Aspo Line

The Aspo Line can handle reels of paper or plastic as well as label. In fact, we provide optional features, such as the label clamp, which is designed to prevent the cone effect during handling.

The Toppy roll turners have earned a reputation for their unmatched precision and efficiency. With the confidence of knowing they are using equipment designed with their well-being in mind, operators can carry out their tasks with a heightened sense of security and assurance. This commitment to safety empowers them to work efficiently and confidently, knowing that their workplace is equipped with cutting-edge safety measures.

The Aspo Line can hadle reels ranging from 150- 600 Kg. 

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