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Roll turners for up to 300 kg
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Everything you need to know about Roll Turners

    In the expanding world of packaging, there are two main sectors: rigid packaging that utilizes sheets and flexible packaging derived from rolls.

    Toppy, a prominent company in the packaging, material handling, and pallet inverter industry, specializes in manufacturing machines that effectively handle both types of materials based on client requirements. Their pile turners are designed to work with cardboard sheets, while their reel turners can handle various types of reels.

    The rigid and flexible packaging markets serve different purposes but complement each other. To enable clients to handle diverse loads and process different products, Toppy Rolls provides both types of machines. Sheets are ideal for larger sizes and heavy loads, while reels are commonly used for smaller packaging and bags, being lighter and allowing multiple reels to be loaded on a pallet.

    Our roll turners are powered by batteries, providing efficient operation and mobility. Depending on the specific requirements, our roll turners can either insert a spindle into the core of the roll or securely hold the roll using two clamping elements positioned on its diameter.

    What exactly are reel turners and how do they work?

    Reel lifters and turners are utilized in industries such as printing and packaging to lift, transport, and rotate reels from an upright, vertical position to a horizontal position or vice versa. This facilitates reel processing and storage.

    Mobile reel turner machines consist of a sturdy frame equipped with robust wheels, an electric pump, a vertical mechanical arm, and pistons to move and rotate the load. These machines offer a compact and maneuverable solution, optimizing production efficiency and safety.

    In contrast, stationary reel turner machines are securely fastened to the floor using anchor bolts. Depending on the reel’s characteristics and positioning, different gripping tools can be employed, such as spindle attachments for gripping from the core or clamps for gripping from the outside. These mechanisms ensure safe handling during lifting and turning operations.

    Reel turners are designed to handle various materials, including paper, corrugated cardboard, film, foil, tissue, and labels. Reels come in different sizes, with varying diameters, lengths, widths, weights, and thicknesses. It is crucial to handle reels with care, employing gripping pads that do not damage the rolls due to their vulnerability.

    When considering the purchase of reel turner machines, key factors to take into account include:

    • reel dimensions (diameter, length, width, and weight)
    • pallet dimensions
    • the loading and unloading method (pallet transport, trolley, or conveyors)
    • the type of gripping mechanism required

    Roll turners with different Grips

    Toppy Rolls offers a range of innovative reel turner solutions, including the Aspo line and the Web line.

    The Aspo Line

    The Aspo line comprises mobile reel turners capable of handling reels weighing from 150 kg to 600 kg. These machines employ a spindle mechanism that expands to securely grip and rotate the reel.

    The Web Line

    The Web line features mobile reel turners with electric traction, capable of rotating paper reels weighing up to 300 kg, 600 kg, or 1000 kg, depending on the model. They enable operators to easily lift, move, and place single paper reels into rotary presses or pallets for printing operations. The Web line also includes a stationary model called the WEB Fixed.

    The gripping mechanisms cater to various material types, employing rubber-covered pads to prevent reel damage. With customization options based on client needs, reel turners ensure increased operator safety, effortless handling, and flexible reel loading and unloading capabilities.

    Toppy’s reel tuners empower companies with a competitive edge in the industry. For more information about our machines, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

    Reel turner with rubber coated claps
    Roll turning made easy with our Aspo Line

    Which companies can benefit from using a Reel Turner?

    The primary benefits of utilizing a roll turner include enhanced productivity, improved safety, and optimized handling of rolls. With our innovative solutions, businesses can experience streamlined operations, reduced manual labor, and increased efficiency in managing roll-based products.

    In the printing industry, roll turners facilitate the smooth handling of printing materials, enabling swift reel changes and minimizing downtime. This results in enhanced productivity and cost savings for businesses involved in printing operations.

    In the food industry, roll turners prove invaluable in the handling of large rolls of packaging materials, such as films and foils. Efficiently maneuvering these rolls with a roll turner ensures seamless production processes and prevents damage to the delicate packaging materials, preserving their quality and integrity.

    Similarly, in the pharmaceutical industry, roll turners play a crucial role in the handling of pharmaceutical packaging materials, guaranteeing precise and safe operations. By using a roll turner, pharmaceutical companies can maintain high standards of hygiene and accuracy throughout their production processes.

    In conclusion, a roll turner is a versatile and indispensable tool for industries dealing with rolls of various materials. Its ability to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and ensure safe handling makes it an essential investment for businesses in printing, food, and pharmaceutical sectors. At our company, we offer a comprehensive range of roll turners equipped with advanced technology, cementing our position as a global leader in the industry.